What I learn from Virtual Class: Step-in Leader (1,2)?

Hi guy, I registered at YourNextU. I expect to improve my leader skill because, now I’m a team lead.

09 Jan 2022 14:00

I learned STAR Framework,

  • Situation
  • Try/Target
  • Action
  • Result

Situation is an event that happens which who and who

Try/Target is a result that you expect

Action is steps or tool that you need to do to go the goal

Result, note the result that from action

The trigger for me is the goal not clear and changes a lot.

How to good listener?

  1. concentrate with opposite
  2. encourage the speaker
  3. repeat the important keyword
  4. reflect feeling

10 Jan 2022 14:00

Find the type of you

when you want to talk with team, don’t go straight.

you should estimate your members type and talk with their style.

Example, some members their type “I” so you should introduce or chit-chat with them before star the work topic.