Review Engoo After 1 month

I start learn English online at since 20/11/2021


Everybody that non native speaker has a same problem, you can read, write but you can’t listen and speak.

I also have a problem too. My company is a international company and co-workers use English to communicate.

I can understand what they want, what they said, but I can’t speak fluently… this is 1st reason.
I should adapt myself to company.

the 2nd reason is I plan to remote workly but there are a few Thai companies do that.
if that Thai companies can remote, but they can’t give a high salary.
that why I should learn English to find the international company who can hire me at high salary.

What I got from Engoo?

I got many things, at first I decide post blog with English language 5555

2nd, I have a confident to communicate with English. I know my grammar, sentence and accent still bad but who care! everyone can mistake. I should accept the mistake and improve myself.

3rd, I exchange thought with Tutor. I found many tutor there move to another country and work remote job or teach English in that country. so.. next year 2022, 2023 I plan to travel and work remote.

What Next?

Keep going 25 mins per day. I plan to continues at least 3 months. (actually, I bought 12 months already)