Review December 2021

I don’t believe that I can summary every months!
It’s look simple but not easy.


work still very tried but, I can close the UAT 555

the matter thing that I very worry is I don’t know am I doing well?
I don’t know is the team OK to me? how team feel with me?
I don’t have a work that can evaluate me.

I just communicate, decide, solve the problem but I didn’t push any code or feature.

Maybe, role team lead not match to me.

or I should change my mindset how to become a best lead team or how can I do better?


I still learn Engoo and I extend license annual.
actually, I should extend only 6 months. That is my mistake, I’m not clear with a seller.
However, I think this investment I will make it worth.

One think that I can feel is I have more confidence to speak.
and I can understand the article.

but I should improve grammar (word order, make a sentence)
I can read and understand but I can’t make a sentence.
when I speak, I speak like a child… word by word but the listener can understand
I think if I write blog with English. It will help me to improve making a sentence.

I also ask tutors, how about the pandemic situation, how you migrate to another country, how do you live?
because of I have a plan to another country too.

I should travel, find a experience and open my world.


This is the best topic that I can do very well 5555

I focus on back workout, pull up, chin up everyday and It’s work!

Now, my back is bigger and stronger. I less cardio because of wear mask and cardio is very terrible.

I don’t have a workout plan. I make it simple, just pull up every day.
but the result very effective.

The goal of next month?

Next month, I want to work from chiang mai.
maybe 1 week.

If the work every where is work, I think I can request WEW with the company.


If you want to work at the cafe… don’t choose the landmark cafe, because of the cafe very noise and confuse.