Lesson 2

What I learn from this video?

This video tells about how to learn English in RachelsEnglish.Rachel is the owner of English academy, and she gives a code for 81% off the first month.
She tries to push the listeners to buy her courses.In her courses, there are many audio exercises, social community groups.You can learn together with your classmate and get feedback from teachers along the way.
Actually, I don’t get the thing too much because she advertises a lot.That was very boring, but however, I got some points.
Kostas, he’s a long-time student, active in the community.
Kostas wants to follow his dream. He never dares to try to do an American accent.It was, he would never dare.
He tried a lot. He was in a private room. Sometimes he would cry.He works hard a lot, working, working, and working hard.Until now, he can follow his dream to be cast with an American accent.
I think I should work hard like Kostas.His speech was very touching, and I must keep going!