Lesson 1

What I learn from this video?

Many English learners have this problem, understand but can’t speak fluently.
In this video, the you-tuber will suggest how to learn English or how to learn a new language.
She explained that there are two types of learning.
One is the input base, and two is the output base.
The input base is reading and listenings, and the output base is speaking and writing.
we are always learning by input base when we were young at school, like an input 70 and output 30
so she recommended, we should more speak like output 70 and input 30
and the next problem is grammar.
When you listen a lot and speak a lot, it will help you communicate in English, but not correct grammar!
The fastest way to improve grammar is feedback!
Remember, make everything fun. It will be easier to learn and go on.